Shield Your Company from Risk

Business owners have a responsibility to operate legally within the rules and regulations set forth by local, state, and federal governments. Unfortunately these can be difficult to understand and keep up with, as there are constant revisions based on the ever- changing government administrations’ policies and leadership.

We also help you navigate the complicated legalese to stay within the law for your business to avoid potential civil and criminal penalties associated with various types of non-compliance.

Audits, Compilation and Review

We can provide comprehensive financial statement audits and audit quality reports and provide compilation and review services upon request.

Compliance Services from SBA CPA

We stay abreast of the latest changes within our clients' local, state, federal, and industrial regulatory bodies. We'll leave no stone unturned to ensure you're always operating within the law to help ensure you never encounter unnecessary expenses due to regulatory oversights.

Internal Theft and Fraud

Unfortunately, one of the biggest risks facing small businesses is internal theft and fraud. While every business owner does their best to hire trustworthy employees, people can encounter challenges in their lives that result in them making dishonest choices. It's only human to trust the people we work with every day, but sometimes this trust can actually endanger your business.

In many small businesses it is unusual to be able to afford to hire enough employees to separate and really focus on all the essential accounting tasks.  This leaves ample opportunity for various types of employee fraud and theft to occur, such as wire fraud, payroll fraud, check tampering, reimbursement schemes, and financial statement fraud.

Choosing to employ a Virtual CFO who operates outside your business, it's simple to establish secure processes and systems that reduce opportunities for internal theft and fraud. They can help establish sound bookkeeping and accounting systems that facilitate comprehensive checks and balances and dual control procedures to ensure fraud and theft is prevented or detected almost as soon as it occurs.

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