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SBA CPA provides you a full range of assurance services tailored to meet your needs.

Audited Financial Statements

If you’re seeking the highest level of assurance, consider having your financial statements audited by SBA CPA. Our experienced team of CPAs provide comprehensive testing of account balances and other assertions indicated in your firm’s financial statements.

SBA CPA’s independent audit report provides reasonable assurance that your firm’s financials have been tested to assess whether the statements are free of material misrepresentations. Our independent audit will also provide assurance that your financial statements comply with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America (GAAP), or another comprehensive basis of accounting (OCBOA).

Reviewed Financial Statements

While less extensive than an audit, our independent Review of your financial statements provides an analytical and objective assessment of your firm’s financials. SBA CPA’s team will perform an analysis of your financial statements and meet with select leaders from your firm to inquire about financial activities.

By conducting an independent Review of your firm’s financial statements, you can have limited assurance that your financial statements are clear of material misrepresentations and material modifications needed for your financial statements to comply with GAAP or OCBOA. SBA CPA’s Review services are performed in compliance with the Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services (SSARS).

Compiled Financial Statements

SBA CPA’s Compilation service is the least intensive financial statement assessment we offer. The Compilation by our CPAs is not performed independently with respect to the client company, and SBA CPA does not provide assurance or testing of the client’s financial statements. In compliance with GAAP or OCBOA, SBA CPA will present financial statements to the client based on financial information provided by the client.

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Agreed-Upon Procedures

SBA CPA offers customized agreed upon procedures for assurance testing. Our CPAs will work with clients to develop an engagement based on agreed-upon procedures to address client specific procedures within an entity which the CPA will test and issue an opinion on. Examples of agreed-upon procedures engagements range from operational control audits, limited test audits, and fraud audits.

Retirement Plan / 401K Audits

SBA CPA’s team of professionals have expertise in auditing 401(K) retirement plans and helping clients avoid errors or omissions. Whether you have a single employer 401k plan or a multi-employer plan, SBA CPA can help you achieve your goals of accurate reporting.

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