Business and Management Consulting

Combining Your Expertise with Ours

SBA CPA’s accounting services will provide you with meaningful insight into your company’s operations, growth and increased profit opportunities. Our team of experts will turn your firm’s accounting ledgers into actionable financial insights. These insights turn into strategies and tactics derived from your expertise and ours - saving your company time and money, making the most of your human capital, and helping your company grow.

Improve Your Business with Data Driven Decisions

As a business owner or CEO, instinct and gut feelings can only take you so far…and you just can’t do it all. We’ll put our growth and profitability expertise in over 50 industries to work for you.

SBA CPA provides periodic understandable reports that allow you to measure and track changes of performance within your company. As a result, you'll see exactly how the decisions you make today affect tomorrow's bottom line. Together, we’ll be able to accurately predict results based on past performance and financial forecasting for a better long-range business strategy.

Deep Dive Management Consulting

Our portfolio of business expertise and comprehensive management consulting includes areas such as:

  • Strategic planning and organizational development
  • Change management and conflict management
  • Competitor analysis and process improvement
  • TQM and supply chain management
  • Innovation management and research development
  • Virtual CFO, re-organization strategies, and financial restructuring
  • Systems and organizational control
  • Data assurance/analysis
  • Re-organization strategies and tactics
  • Financial restructuring strategies and tactics
  • Vendor management and partnering
  • Support services for entrepreneurial start ups

Virtual CFO Services

A Virtual CFO from SBA CPA can perform the functions of an in-house chief financial officer, on a part-time basis. This service is offered at an affordable cost and will pay for itself and more over a period of time. Our industry qualified, experience rich professionals combine their personal business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit with our state of the art software and proprietary systems to work hard at improving your business growth and profitability.

Measure, Track, Understand

Your Virtual CFO will help you measure and track the key performance indicators that drive your business. You’ll receive regular accounting reports including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow reports. They will work with our internal specialized teams on your behalf and help you quickly understand what these numbers mean and how to use them to better manage your company.

Turn Info Into Action

Your Virtual CFO will work in conjunction with our internal teams and you to track these metrics, suggest adjustments within your company to cut costs, optimize pricing, increase profit margins, and time new hires perfectly to ultimately grow your business.

Internal Controls

The Virtual CFO also offers help with protecting your company from employee theft and dishonesty. Because our Virtual CFOs operate outside your business, it's easier to establish secure processes and systems that reduce internal losses due to theft or fraud. We establish sound bookkeeping and accounting systems with checks and balances and dual control procedures to ensure theft or fraud is prevented or detected almost as soon as it occurs.

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