Data-Driven Business Strategy

With Virtual CFO services and our expert advice, you'll gain access to everything management accounting makes possible.

From optimizing prices and pricing structure, with job costing to streamlining operations and improving your human capital management strategies, management accounting makes reaching and exceeding your business's potential not just attainable but possible.

The Difference Between Managing Your Business vs. Reacting to Your Business

There are two types of managers: those who proactively manage their businesses and those who reactively manage their businesses.

Reactive management is a style of managing with which the business owner or CEO operates at the effect of daily events and is often one step behind. Instead of foreseeing problems and proactively improving a business, a reactive manager makes changes and decisions when it's too late after a problem has occurred.

In this style of management, strategies, plans, and decisions are based primarily on gut-feelings, other people's reactions and business instincts. Not bad, just not optimal.

It's always better to be a proactive manager. It's tough to make smart management decisions without sufficient business acumen, the right financial resources, and powerful tools. The reality is, one person, cannot be an expert in everything.

Management accounting will help you devise a data-driven business strategy and make decisions for your business based on actual information and intelligently calculated projections.

Rather than reacting to problems or successes, as they occur, you'll expect them and have a plan that outlines how to handle upcoming challenges. Think about the money and time savings and peace of mind that level of planning gives you.

Learn How to Make Management Decisions Intelligently — Rather Than Reactive Decisions Instinctively

SBA CPA's Virtual CFO services can help shed a reactive management style and become a more proactive, decisive manager. Almost any business owner can benefit from being supported by being more efficient.

With smart bookkeeping and accounting tools and systems in place, you will receive timely and accurate financial reports that provide you with your business's complete financial status. You'll be aware of the challenges you're facing, what you're doing well, and what you can improve. Plus, you'll have a clear idea of how to improve your business's operations.

If you need it, we will show you how to read and understand your financial reports. We'll also teach you how to calculate and track the key performance indicators that are most important to your business's financial health.

Once you keeping track of these numbers on a proactive basis, you'll be able to identify your business's actual growth drivers, profit centers, and revenue killers. You'll be able to make smart decisions to optimize your pricing, cut expenses, cater to the most profitable sectors of your business, and improve those that are holding your business (and your bottom line) back.

Who wouldn't want a partner that has your business success first and foremost in their goals?

How to Pair Your Management Accounting Strategy with Your Human Capital Management Strategy

The most successful business owners and CEOs learn how to marry their human capital management strategies with their financial management plan. When you can align your company's culture, vision, and values with your financial strategy, you'll see your employees are more productive and business soar.

Our Virtual CFO will work with you to set actionable benchmarks and goals with built-in employee incentives within your business. We'll help you establish a plan for your employees designed to ensure you meet your financial benchmarks and goals while helping your employees feel like they're a part of something bigger.

We'll also work with you to determine a perfect, cost-effective way to measure employee performance and to reward them when they go above and beyond.

Become the Best Manager You Can Be with Help from SBA CPA

If you don't know your numbers, then you don't know your business. If you don't know your business, then there's no way you can manage it well. But even if you have a head for numbers, it's not your only role. You need to focus on many things, like leading your team, customers, and sales.

We can help you distill your numbers into actionable intel and still keep your finger on the pulse of your business. With professional insights, timely financial reports, and more, SBA CPA's Virtual CFO services will help you develop a data-driven business strategy designed to help you achieve business growth and success.

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