Time Savings

When you spend time writing checks, mailing invoices, and tracking expenses, you're giving up time that could be dedicated to more important tasks that are central to your business.

With SBA CPA as your Virtual CFO, you can focus on running your business, improve product lines or service, and lead your team - tasks only you can do. Think about it. What are the projects or tasks that keep getting filed in the bottom drawer that you have not had time to dedicate to accomplishing?

How about work | life balance? Maybe you want to enjoy the extra hours and be able to make it in time for dinner with family or friends.

How Can a SBA CPA Virtual CFO Save You Time?

With SBA CPA as your Virtual CFO, we not only save you time by taking over redundant, daily, operational tasks associated with your business's bookkeeping and accounting needs, we also establish improved bookkeeping and accounting systems to help your business run more smoothly each day.

Intelligently Designed Accounting Systems

With an expertly designed bookkeeping and accounting system, you'll save time on just about every financial process. You will know that you don't have to worry too much about internal fraud, an unfortunate reality more often than you might expect.

You'll enjoy a suite of expertly selected bookkeeping and accounting software and applications that function seamlessly with each other to help you manage your business's back office and provide easy to follow reporting.

Streamlined Expense Tracking

An SBA CPA Virtual CFO will help you establish a better system for reviewing, approving, tracking, categorizing, and allocating expenses.

With a better system for keeping track of business expenses, you'll no longer be forced to waste time tracking down receipts, cataloging expenses, and reimbursement requests. You'll be able to better manage your expense accounts, while also achieving 100% transparent project costs.

With impeccable expense tracking, you can easily pull profit and loss statements on any part of your business for effective job costing.

Automated Receivables

With an SBA CPA Virtual CFO, you can rest easy about your accounts receivable. Your business will benefit from a transparent customer payment policy in addition to regular, automated invoicing, late payment letters, and collection notifications.

We'll also help you establish additional electronic ways to collect payment from customers, which results in a shorter number of days that sales are outstanding. That can significantly improve cash flow.

When receivables are automated, you'll no longer have to spend time making sure your business gets paid.

Effortless Payables

An SBA CPA Virtual CFO will also help you streamline your accounts payable. We'll automate payment approvals, making it easier for you to make sure money isn't being sent where it shouldn't.

With a well-organized system for managing payables, you'll benefit from taking advantage of early payment discounts, often a significant cost saving. Never waste another cent or minute worrying about having to pay late fees to vendors.

With a smart accounts payable system, you won't have to spend so much time writing and mailing checks.

Payroll Perfection

One of the most challenging bookkeeping and accounting functions for business owners to manage is always payroll.

If you've ever attempted it, you know it's much more complex than writing checks to your employees. Payroll involves:

  • Calculating
  • Extensive reporting
  • Paying payroll taxes
  • Benefits like medical coverage, IRA's
  • Employee tax withholding
  • Employer social security tax contributions
  • State workers comp

And any other up-front government deductions. This demanding job, left in the hands of SBA CPA’s professionals goes from a burden to an everyday part of running your business.

With SBA CPA handling your payroll, you'll save time every pay period. You'll also be guaranteed to be compliant come tax season. That means no wasted money on avoidable tax penalties.

Management Accounting

With management accounting solutions from SBA CPA, you can make data-driven decisions about how you spend your professional time.

Management accounting reveals what generates revenue, drives income, and which parts of your business aren't performing well and need more attention. With management accounting services provided by SBA CPA, you'll never have to guess about which areas of your business are worthy of your valuable time.

What Else Can Saving Time with a Virtual CFO Do for Your Business?

Time saved directly equates to money saved. Read the next offering, Data-Driven Business Strategy, to find out how SBA CPA saves you money to learn more!

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