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We offer an integrated financial service platform for business owners.  Integration means we provide bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, tax services, regulatory compliance, and consulting individually or as a package.

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This comprehensive view provides us with unique insights we can deploy for your business future.  We can work with you on tax strategies, financing, exit planning, and other business planning that companies usually need a Chief Financial Officer or CFO to execute. We call this integrated service a Virtual CFO - yielding the benefits of a CFO perspective without the expected high cost.


Accounting Plus


Daily housekeeping for your business.  Tracking receipts, expenses, receivables and payables.


Making sense of your daily transactions.  Creating periodic reports and measuring your business changes.


We help you make sure everyone is properly paid, withholdings are correct and remittances are made when due.


We help you identify compliance requirements with the appropriate local,  state, and federal agencies.


We file all the tax filing required, and make sure you pay what is owed and not a penny more than you have to.

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